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At Spray Foam of SoCal, we have professionals who have been honing their skills for decades and are on standby to offer the best insulation service. We have been offering and continue to offer the right insulation services for clients across California and Southern California, which makes us a dependable and go-to company. Whether it is a small- or grand-scale insulation project that has been bothering you for a long, we will attend to it professionally, efficiently, and to your expectations.

If you are looking for a leading California spray foam company, then you came to the right place. We are also among the top-rated and most sought-after spray foam contractors, SoCal, and our doors are open for you too. Do not look further the next time that you need insulation expertise since we are on standby to attend to your needs. Give us a call today, and we will pick it up from there.

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Some of the services that we offer include the following:

Residential Insulation SoCal

Spray Foam of SoCal is a name that you can trust with all your residential insulation needs. Having attended to similar projects for years, we can assure you that you will find us dependable whether your project is a small- or large-scale one. Contact us today for new construction and retrofit home insulation, and we will respond with professional services as you would expect from us. After all, our team is here to serve you and ensure that you get the right return on investment.

When you need a new construction and retrofit home insulation company, do not look anywhere else beyond us. We have the right experts for you, and they will ensure that you get the results that we promise. As our calling is to make sure that you, as the client, can live in a comfortable place, do not hesitate to contact us to speak with our specialists.

Reliable Residential Insulation, California

We deal with a range of residential insulation types. The primary one is spray foam insulation, which is our core business. With this method, we usually apply a wet foam, which then expands into a thicker foam depending on the area under the application. The insulation works best on crevices as well as hard-to-reach spots to help in reducing air infiltration. This way, you can keep your indoor temperatures as comfortable as you want.

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Types of Home Insulation

In our residential insulation field, we have different specialties. All these points to different home insulation types for existing homes and newly constructed ones. At Spray Foam of SoCal, we can help with all that. Talk to us if you need help with:

Attic Insulation

The attic is a crucial component of your property when it comes to energy supply. Therefore, it is important to keep it as efficient as possible through sufficient insulation. Whether it is an unfinished place or a converted living space, Spray Foam of SoCal will help to insulate it.

Wall Insulation

If you also need a wall insulation contractor, we are your people. We will work our skills out and make sure you get satisfied with the results.

Ceiling Insulation

Whether you need additional insulation or soundproofing to your ceiling, you can trust us to help with that too. Again, we will use the best knowledge and skills that our team possesses and get the ceiling insulated effectively.

Crawl Space Insulation

Your crawl space needs some insulation, too, and Spray Foam of SoCal can take care of that for you. Having worked with different homeowners, estate developers, and managers, we can assure you that we have the requisite skills and experience to handle that. Contact us today and let us get it rolling.

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Garage Insulation

Your garage may also benefit from some spray foam insulation too. When it comes to that, we can also help to insulate and make it as energy-efficient as possible. This will also help to make the garage more comfortable, enhance the interior, and reduce outside noises.

What We Insulate with Spray Foam 

We can spray foam any of the following:

  • Metal buildings
  • Quonset huts
  • Shipping containers
  • Tanks
  • Cold storage
  • Subfloors
  • Walls
  • Attics

Common spray Foam Insulation Types and Materials

Spray foam insulation can be either open- or closed-cell insulation. Both spray types are highly effective because they ensure that there is a higher R-value (the insulation performance) than other insulation types. Applying spray foam utilizes a chemical and gas combination and then releases small cells under higher pressure. The foam cells are small, which allows them to settle inside any gap or hole and then expand (close to 12 times the initial size). The expansion also makes the cells grow even stronger bonds that make it possible to prevent any air or moisture from penetrating.

Why Spray Foam Insulation

There are many reasons why you need spray foam insulation. Some of these reasons include:

  • Noise reduction
  • Lowering heating and cooling bills
  • Being more eco-friendly
  • Reducing pollen allergies
  • Preventing pests, insects, and rodents from infesting your property
  • Preventing mildew and mold growth
  • Increasing the sturdiness of your ceiling and walls
  • Making your buildings more comfortable all through the different seasons

Areas Served

We serve the entire California and Southern Californian areas. Primary, we have clients from the following areas:

  • Huntington Beach
  • Lake Forest
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Mission Viejo
  • Newport Beach
  • Tustin
  • Yorba Linda

Trust Your Reliable Spray Foam Contractor SoCal

If you are located in SoCal, and you have been searching for “spray foam insulation near me” on every search engine, then it is time to get sorted. You no longer have to ask “where to find spray foam companies near me” since we are here for you. Our knowledge, skills, and experience are everything that you need, and we have all our doors open for you. Call us now and let us know what we can do for you and when.

Getting Started

Once you contact us, we will send a team of experts to assess the work that you need to be done. They will also draft a free quotation from the assessment and your requirements. After you review and approve the quotation, we will then be on our way to kick-start the project.

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