Pasadena Spray Foam Insulation

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For many homeowners, air conditioning is a critical part of their home. For those in California, it’s even more important to keep the temperature regulated when the days are hot and sunny. What many people don’t know is that insulating your home can help regulate the temperature inside so you’re not constantly running up your energy bill. In Pasadena, spray foam insulation from Spray Foam Of SoCal can help reduce heat loss by up to 60%.

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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a great way to keep your home or office comfortable year-round. Spray foam insulation in Pasadena can be sprayed onto any surface, so it’s perfect for homes and commercial buildings alike! This highly effective insulation lasts much longer than traditional types of insulation because it expands up to 10x its size when applied. Spray foam offers three times the thermal resistance as other forms of insulating materials. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution with maximum effectiveness, then spray foam might be the right product for you.

Why Do People Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

The main reason people choose spray foams over other types of insulations is their ability to seal up otherwise drafty areas around pipes, electrical wiring, and vents. The cost-effectiveness of spray foams makes it an attractive option as well compared to some other materials on the market today. Plus spray foam comes in different forms allowing it to be used in any area of the home!

Services We Offer in Pasadena, California

Closed Cell Foam

Closed-cell spray foam is a spray that works in any climate. It’s highly efficient, so it doesn’t have to be used very thickly to provide maximum insulation. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is a permanent solution for homes and offices. This type of spray foam is extremely effective at keeping the heat in or out depending on what you need.

Home Insulation

Our spray foam insulation is perfect for remodeling homes because it can be used on any surface. Whether you’re insulating your attic, garage, or basement our spray foams are the solution! It’s easy to spray and comes in different forms so that no matter what area of your home needs an upgrade there’s a spray foam insulation option available.

Open Cell Foam

Open-cell spray foam is great for spaces with high water content or humidity levels because the cells are open and allow moisture through them while still blocking heat loss. Open-cell spray foam insulation is much easier to install than closed-cell spray foam. One benefit of open-cell spray insulation over traditional forms of insulating materials is that it isn’t flammable, so if there was ever a fire, your building would maintain its structural integrity better than with others.

Attic Spray Foam Insulation

Attic spray foam insulation is spray foam insulation that is sprayed in the attic of your home. This spray foam can be used to insulate and roof homes or businesses, but it also provides great soundproofing.

Spray Foam Of SoCal’s Pasadena Services

If you’re looking for spray foam installation services near Pasadena, CA then Spray Foam Of SoCal would love to help! We offer spray foaming services all over Southern California so we’d be happy to come out and give you a quote on how much spray foam will cost before installing it at your business or residence. Call us today at (562) 548-5853 to schedule an appointment with our team.

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