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If you are looking for a professional, reliable, and trusted spray foam insulation contractor in Lake Forest, Spray Foam of SoCal is here for you. As an insulation crew, we are ready to attend to your needs. Our customer service delivery will ensure that you are getting a great deal out of our collaboration and the right return on your investment too. To get our free quote, contact us today at (562) 548-5853 for a free consultation with our specialists.

About Spray Foam of SoCal

Spray Foam of SoCal is not only a name that you hear people mention when it comes to insulation. It is the company that everyone wants to hire for their specific needs, whether it is for closed- or open-cell foam insulation or vented attic insulation. Since we have been doing this for many years, we must ensure that you are getting the right results through our unparalleled services.

Our company employs the best talent from Lake Forest and beyond. The technicians onboard bring decades of combined skills and experience, total dedication, and a love for the job. The crew is also highly responsive and will attend to your inquiries while incorporating your suggestions every step of the way. If you have been looking for such a team, you do not have to look elsewhere for a better one. Call us today at (562) 548-5853 and entrust your project to the best talent.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam, also called spray polyurethane foam (SPF), is applied on different surfaces for various applications. Usually, it is used to insulate buildings for more focused temperature regulation, seal cracks and gaps, or make buildings more energy-efficient. When a building is not getting the right air supply, temperature regulation, or control against pests, insects, and rodents, this insulation comes in handy. You can also insulate your building for noise reduction.

Types of Spray Foam Used for Insulation

Primarily, there are three types of SPFs that one can use for insulation. These are low-density, medium-density, and high-density foam. Each has specific applications as the following:

High-Density Spray Foam Insulation

As a closed-cell foam, the high-density one is usually used for roofing and exterior applications. If you need high insulation values and strength, then this is the right type for you.

Medium Density Foam Insulation

The medium density foam is a closed-cell one, and you can use it for different applications too. Its common applications include interior wall cavity fill, continuous insulation, as well as unvented attic applications. You can also use this insulation foam where the greatest R-value insulation is needed.

    Low-Density Foam Insulation

    This is an open-cell foam. Essentially, it is used for filling interior wall cavities as well as for unvented attic applications. When you need continuous insulation and an air-sealing barrier, this is the right type of foam insulation.

    Why Hire Spray Foam of SoCal for Insulation

    If you are tired of the ever-rising energy bills, then you need to insulate your home. If you need to keep pests and rodents away from your attic, again, spray foam insulation will work for you. At Spray Foam of SoCal, we are here to make your wish come true. We will assess your needs, the work you need to do, and how best you want your contractor to be. With our years of industry skills and experience, we will draft a free quote for you, and once you review and approve it, we will get down to business.

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    Hiring a skilled and experienced spray foam contractor is essential. You not only get to reap big from their knowledge base, but you also benefit from top industry expertise and experience. To benefit from all that, contact us now.

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